When considering an in-ground vinyl lined swimming pool for your yard it is important to evaluate the quality of the materials and methods that will be used in the construction process.  Also of paramount importance will the reputation, reliability, and experience level of the company and its employees that will be building your pool.  Once those things have met your satisfaction it’s on to the fun things – how your pool will look!

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There are four main factors that will affect the overall look of your finished pool.  First of course is the shape, will you go with a traditional rectangle or a free form shape; such as an oval, kidney, oasis, or mountain pond.  Or perhaps something specific to your site and truly unique.  Next think about how you will want your pool’s entry steps to look.  Will you choose the acrylic/fiberglass units that have been popular throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s?  Or will you choose the more modern and contemporary look of having the vinyl liner go over the steps — yielding a more uniform and color matching look to your pool.

Next comes the edging — often referred to as the pool coping.  Will you go with a traditional white or grey aluminum, which are very cost effective when pouring a concrete deck?   Or with the other option of having your decking material — be it stone, brick pavers, wood, or even concrete — continue right to the edge of the pool giving the pool and deck a more seamless look.

Finally comes the choice of the pool’s vinyl liner. The options here range from the more traditional blue color, to tile and pebble looks, to even light gray or beige, which gives the water a more subtle aqua colored Caribbean look.