The Six Truths of Salt Pool Care

SALT POOL TRUTH 1: A salt cell generates unstabilized chlorine which means it diminishes rapidly when exposed to sunlight UV rays.
SALT POOL TRUTH 2: The process a cell uses to convert saltwater into chlorine contributes to higher water pH everytime a cell runs.
SALT POOL TRUTH 3: The environment within a cell can cause chalky white calcium-scale deposits to form on a cell’s wall over time, decreasing the chlorine                                            output.
SALT POOL TRUTH 4: Chlorine is effective at killing bacteria and algae, but creates unpleasant by-products when it reacts with contaminants like                                                              sweat, sunscreen, or fertilizer.
SALT POOL TRUTH 5: Saltwater pools need to have water balance levels tested on a regular basis just like traditional chlorine pools.
SALT POOL TRUTH 6: The amount of salt in a pool and the amount of chlorine being produced are independent of each other. Adding more salt to the water                                            (above what is recommended in the owner’s manual) does not improve efficiency or increase the generation of chlorine.


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