Galati Pools & Spas has been providing pool owners though out the Ulster, Duchess, and Orange County areas with exceptional customer service since our founding in 1962.   Since then, we have been providing in-ground swimming pool sales, construction, and renovations to families  through out the Hudson Valley.  Our service teams are ready to open and close your pool, handle any needed repairs, and provide weekly pool maintenance services.  Galati Pools also specializes in hot tub sales — featuring award winning Caldera Spas.  Our retail store located in Newburgh, New York is staffed by experienced hot tub and pool professionals and stocked with a wide variety of pool supplies, chemicals, and toys to make your pool experience fun, carefree and enjoyable!

In fact, our company was founded on these principles.  Galati Pools & Spas, as is often the case with a family business, was born out of necessity. It began when Bill and Jean Galati took their five young children to visit Bill’s sister Lee, in upstate New York. On Saturday morning Lee’s next door neighbor invited them to spend the day swimming in his newly installed inground swimming pool. The Galatis accepted his invitation and the afternoon became both great fun for the kids and relaxing for the adults.

Driving home that Sunday night, Bill and Jean talked about how great it would be to have their own pool. Upon returning home, Bill called the pool’s manufacturer, and much to his initial disappointment, was told that they had no pool builders in his area. They then asked him if he would be interested in establishing a dealership in the Hudson Valley.

Since his background was in a small family business — his father founded a professional photography studio in Newburgh in 1913 — Bill decided to give the offer some consideration. After talking to Jean and other family members he signed on with Cascade Industries and in April 1962 Buster Crabbe Pools of Newburgh was born.

For the first 10 years the business, which consisted solely of building new pools, was run from the Galati’s home. In 1972 as the pool industry grew and the market for pool supplies developed, the Galatis opened a retail store. The business eventually outgrew the original store and was moved to its present location in 1984. This larger store allowed the Galatis to display a number of portable spas and tap into the emerging Hudson Valley hot tub market.

In 1993 the decision was made to rename the business. Since for over three decades most people on the local level were buying a “Galati” pool it seemed natural to call the business Bill Galati Pools, Inc.

As the business continued to grow the retail showroom was remodeled and doubled in size. Once the expansion was completed the Galatis partnered with Watkins Manufacturing, the World’s leading portable spa manufacturer, becoming a Hot Spring Spa dealer in 1997.

This partnership was an instant success and soon the Galatis began offering the Watkins Caldera line of spas as well. As a result the Galatis quickly became a leader in the Hudson Valley hot tub market. The growth and success of the hot tub division led to the decision to rename the business — Galati Pools & Spas.

After more then five decades, three generations, and scores of awards and recognitions, Galati Pools & Spas continues to maintain a strong commitment to satisfying existing customers’ pool and hot tub needs while striving to grow by attracting new customers and friends for the future.

Company Milestones

1962: Galati Pools was founded as Buster Crabbe Pools of Newburgh becoming one of the first residential swimming pool builders in the Hudson Valley.

1972: Galatis opened their first retail store ushering in a new era of pool care through computerized water analysis and a partnership with BioGuard Pool Care Products. The “Pool Green – See Jean” ad campaign begins.

1984: Galatis moved to present location and expand their product line to include hot tubs.

1992: Company changes name to Bill Galati Pools.

1996: Galatis expand and remodel store to present design.

1997: Galati Pools becomes a Hot Spring Spa Dealer.

1999: The “Soothe Your Body With Galati” ad campaign begins.

2002: Company adopts the name Galati Pools & Spas highlighting the company’s emphasis on and dedication to the hot tub market.

2012: Galati Pools & Spas celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Awards & Recognitions

1969: Galati Pools wins the first ever N.S.P.I. Design Excellence National Gold Medal for Residential Inground Vinyl Pools. Additional awards in future years include: a 2nd Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze medals, and numerous Honorable Mentions.

1996: Featured in Store Equipment & Design magazine for retail store innovations.

1996: Featured in Swimming Pool/Spa Age magazine’s business profile highlighting progressive companies in the industry.

1997: Galati Pools wins the BioGuard Silver Crest Award for Marketing Excellence. Company goes on to win 3 more times.

1998: Galati Pools in conjunction with Scenic Technologies supply and supervise the installation of vinyl swimming pools and pool equipment on the set of “Twelfth Night” at the Lincoln Center Theater. Play was nominated for a Tony Award in the Best Scenic Design category.

1999: Company president Gregg Galati is chosen by manufacturer to install and instruct local builders in constructing a polymer inground swimming pool in Cambridge, England in an effort to develop the European market.

1999: Named a “BioGuard Dealer Success Story” for an ongoing commitment to customer service and featured in a video presentation at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida.

2002: Awarded Watkins Wellness Spas “Dealer of the Year” and inducted into the Gold Club for outstanding sales achievement and retail excellence.

2004: Introduce Caldera Spas to the Hudson Valley, becoming one of the only dealers worldwide to represent the entire Watkins Manufacturing family of spas.

2004: Awarded Watkins Wellness Spas “Dealer of the Year” for the second time in 3 years.

2008: Voted Best in the Hudson Valley for Spas and Hot Tubs by readers of Hudson Valley Magazine.